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October 4, 2019

 (not yet linked)
Konrad Paszkudzki interviewed by Alisa Clancy for "Desert Island Jazz"

May 2019

Nat 'King' Cole to be saluted by his brother and nephew in Rancho Santa Fe

May 23, 2019

Perth pianist Konrad Paszkudzki has keys to castle of American jazz

May 2019

Freddy Cole JATB interview with San Diego's KSDS Radio

May 2019

Nat King Cole Tribute

May 2019

WingtipSF video

November 2018

An Evening Under The Stars

September 2018

 (not yet linked)

Suzanne Roche interview with Alisa Clancy

October 2017

 (not yet linked)

California Home + Design 

March 2017

Bing Crosby manor owner hosting Tony DeSare concert

February 2017

Promo for Yamaha Pianos

January 2017

JATB interview with Jim Czak

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