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Jazz at the Ballroom Piano on Stage

JAZZ AT THE BALLROOM plays swinging, classic jazz in unique, intimate, and historic places. And JATB is where the American Songbook goes to play!

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About JATB

JAZZ AT THE BALLROOM is committed to keeping swinging, classic jazz thriving, sharing this extraordinary American art form with the greater public and providing audiences with one-of-a-kind experiences.

We work with the world's most talented jazz musicians in intimate and unique settings and focus on the Great American Songbook and the timeless elegance the music embraces. Our mission is to create an environment where every guest feels at home and each artist can share their stories, passion, and talent.

Beyond our ballroom concerts, we work to introduce, teach, and explore this incredible art form through our workshops, special events, and public concerts. Through these efforts, we keep unforgettable jazz standards alive in our community and foster a love of music in future generations.


We are committed to making classic jazz available to everyone in our community and offer workshops, master classes, and concerts to schools, senior living communities (especially Memory Loss Units), hospitals, public venues, and community centers. 

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