It was in 1944 that Bing Crosby made the Johnny Mercer tune, Accentuate The Positive, a hit in film and on radio. It later became known as one of the songs that got Americans through World War Two. The popular songs of the day, most often written for Broadway, became an unofficial catalogue of music that comforted and connected Americans at home and abroad during hard times—the Spanish Influenza epidemic, the World Wars, Prohibition and the Great Depression.


Fast forward to 2021. What a wild ride the past year+ has been. But rather than focus on what has been and is wrong, JB Sessions is doing something that reflects the spirit of our mission and the music we support—we decided to accentuate the positive. With that inspiration, we asked talented artists around the world to record songs written and composed between 1918-1945, songs that make up the Great American Songbook. The result is this compilation.


Accentuate the Positive - vinyl