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JAZZ AT THE BALLROOM is a 501(c)(3) organization and operates entirely on donations. Your help is both needed and greatly appreciated

We could not succeed without the generous support and involvement of our major donors.

We truly appreciate your generosity!

We are honored to have the support of these organizations and people. While we'd like to think they do it because they like to hang out with us six times a year at concerts, the truth is they do it because they recognize exceptional music and artists. We thank you for supporting us and the musicians who make this jazz series so special.


Ann and Chris Aristides

Bonny and Mike Armacost

Sandy and David Asheim

Deborah Bailey

Julia and Douglas Boszhardt

Liana and Jeff Brady

Paige and Chuck Cattano

Debra DeMartini

Hilary and Mark Desrosiers

Sarah and DR Doll

Cheryl and Greg Galli

Paula and Bill Gilmartin

Maureen and Bill Gilmartin

Mary Lou and Jim Harris

Barbara and Steve Hearst

Jo and Mike Heffernan

Joy Ingham

Carole Middleton Fund

Patty and Rich Mortillaro

Joey Oliva

Konrad Paszkudzki

Lilli Rey

Georgia and Alan Rittenberg

Adam R. Rose

The Patti and Rusty Rueff Foundation

Brenda and Charles Schembri

Ann and James Spencer

Lisa and Tom Stephenson

Judy Swanson

Judy and Bob Waterman

Linda and Max Woo