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JAZZ AT THE BALLROOM is a 501(c)(3) organization and operates entirely on donations. Your help is both needed and greatly appreciated

Jazz In Our Community

Our mission is to keep classic jazz alive by sharing it with our schools and community. With your help we are able to:

Provide monetary awards, workshops, and master classes to our Scholarship applicants. In our first year alone, we had applicants from over 15 Bay Area schools. The winners each received $1500 to further their music studies and their respective schools were awarded $1000 to build their music curriculums

Bring workshops, concerts, and assemblies to elementary, middle, and high schools in San Francisco, the East Bay, and on the Peninsula

Present concerts at retirement homes (especially those with Memory Loss Units) and communities for residents and their families

As well as:


Repair used musical instruments to donate to schools (in partnership with Music In Schools Today)


Give all music students and scholarships applicants seats to to our shows 


Host our Scholarship Concert each spring where students played with our All-Star Jazz Ensemble (in April 2019: Randy Napoleon, Paul Keller, Benny Benack, and Konrad Paszkudzki)


Hire student jazz musicians to play at public and private events


Cover the tuition at Jam Camp West (the Northern California jazz summer camp) for low-income students 


Give individual lessons to jazz students with our visiting musicians