jb during covid and beyond

It’s an understatement to say COVID hurt the arts. Not to get too into the thick of it, but arts organizations lost millions of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue during the pandemic. But numbers often times allow us to stay in the abstract rather than unravel what they represent. Those numbers equate to a lot of people negatively affected—in terms of salary, health benefits, education, mental health, and so much more. What was not affected was JB’s belief that the arts, and music in particular, unites, inspires, and humanizes our world. 


Most arts organizations stopped new programming and content creation in 2020-21. JB was fortunate to have been chosen by HBS Community Partners for inclusion in their pro-bono work with local nonprofits. With their help, JB was able to scale down its operations and performances. Its small team of employees went to half salary and donated salary back to the organization. JB was also able to:


  • Employ over 80 artists (many who were otherwise unemployed) 

  • Present over 20 new concerts at nursing homes and senior living communities. This ranged from a weekly virtual series featuring different artists each time, sidewalk and driveway concerts, and more recently, outdoor performances. These were especially meaningful because the severe lockdowns at these facilities meant the residents had no visitors or social interactions. 

  • Continue its Scholarship Program and award students (and their respective schools) money to further their music education

  • Produce a virtual concert, Holiday In, that raised over $50,000 for JB and The Actors Fund

  • Produce TWO albums, employing over forty artists 


Now is the time to work together to bring the arts back to our schools, organizations, and communities. With your help, JB can continue its mission to introduce, teach, and explore America’s greatest art form and bring music back into people’s lives.