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Despite all of us being derailed by COVID, JATB continues its mission to help jazz artists share their talent and to bring classic jazz to the greater community.

To date, JATB has: 

  • Hired out-of-work artists to record concerts that are aired on Fridays at senior living communities. The latter have been particularly affected by the shelter-in-place, as they are high-risk individuals because of their age and health concerns.

  • Worked with local musicians and high school students from the JATB Scholarship Program to play outside senior living communities (under strict lockdowns). Whether playing on the sidewalk outside nursing homes on Sunday afternoons (and having the residents sit on their porches to listen) or performing outside the facilities for the drive-through family visits, JATB knows the presence of live music lifts spirits and brings joy. 

  • ​Presented monthly Novel Sessions, a livestream series that shares classic jazz with the global community. The most recent concert was a centennial tribute to Charlie Parker, with an 11-piece band playing Charlie Parker With Strings.

  • Produced a live drive-in concert. The largest event center in the Bay Area offered it’s 400-space parking lot to JATB for a night of live music along with food and cocktail trucks, all within public health guidelines for social distancing. More info is here


  • Recorded two albums! Holiday "In" was released in November 2020. More info is here. Accentuate the Positive, released in spring 2021, is setting the stage for our upcoming show of the same name. You can check out the album here.


With your help, we can keep projects like these going!

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